Working as a domina oder bizarrlady – Is this career suitable for me?

Furs, Porsches, and swinging whips.
Many imagine the world of the domina to be glamorous and lucrative. Mornings at your stylist, intimidating slaves throughout the day, evenings as the life of the party, surrounded by elegant friends and champagne.

Dreams are indeed an elementary part of the job in professional S&M, but the focus is the dreams of the client. First and foremost, a domina is a service provider, and a hard working one at that!

But what exactly makes a good domina?
What’s in the job description and what exactly do clients expect?
How realistic is the expectation that one will earn money in this career, and what must one do to reach this point?

The meeting is intended to provide insight into the activites in the dominant, bizarre or passive arenas. If you are thinking about changing your career in the direction, this is a great place to start. The orientation is intended to dispell prejudices and encourage dreams.

The speakers will explain the ins and outs of their highly variable workdays.
Afterwards there is a personal part which helps each participant to critically analyse whether this career choice would suit them, followed by an open Q&A.

Course contents:


  • What does BDSM actually mean?
  • Myths and prejuduces

S&M as a service:

  • The preliminary meeting
  • Common client desires
  • Imagination and reality
  • How do I construct a session?


  • Which techniques should a domina master?
  • What are fetishes?
  • Examples of roleplaying?
  • Dirty Games und Dirty Talk
  • Medical sessions
  • How much eroticism pertains to the work of a domina?

Everyday Tasks:

  • Realistic representation of service perspectives
  • What is the impact of investment?
  • Timesinks: Marketing, Mails, Phone,…
  • Insurance and taxes, how to make heads or tails of it.
  • Pros and cons or being a sexworker


  • First ideas for personalized work emphasis
  • Where and how can one work as a domina in Berlin?

Please bring writing supplies.

Suitable for:

Sex workers who wish to alter or expand their services
Other interested or curious parties