The inner beast

A workshop for Tops, Mistresses, Switches, Dommes

in English and German

We are charming sadists. Evil teachers. Scary authority figures. Brutal keepers of law and order. Perverted debauchees.

Yes, of course everything (everything…?) is discussed, negotiated, consensual.
Yes, our bottoms and subs and clients want us exactly like that-
always dominant, always competent, always powerful.

Thus workshop is dedicated to the inner beast, the inner monster that lives in every Top and every Dom.
How to set it free? What do we need to be able really cut loose? How to keep it in check? What are personal boundaries? What helps, what is too much?

What does it mean to be a projection screen? What is real? How can I be authentic and still run the show that is wanted? What is the difference between service and private production of a play scene?

In the morning we will get to know each others’ beasts and talk about our experiences with them. Popular scenarios like abductions, interrogations, rape play will be discussed.

In the afternoon we will actually set the monsters free. What does that mean? Depends on the participants.

All participants are expected to try and be aware around all kinds of differences and variety on all kinds of levels. We might enjoy our inner monsters, but between ourselves we are kind!