Working as a Domina or Bizarrlady – Basic elements

„Dominance cannot be learned, rather, it is intrinsic.“ This basic assumption must be laid to rest. Anyone can learn domination. The work spectrum of a professional domina is so extensive, however, that training in this area may seem daunting and complicated.

In the past this knowledge was taught to the apprentice by the experienced domina little by little. For areas in which the mentoring domina lacked proficiency, the student had to arduously aquire the experience themselves through trial and error with a client. This is rarely the case anymore.

We often have inquiries as to opportunities for training or practice in domination; therefore we would like to meet this demand with our training concepts.

The basic workshop provides the necessary structure for the professional work as a Domina oder Bizarrlady. Depending on personality and previous experience, entry as either novice or apprentice domina is possible. A solid foundation will be laid for further independent training, and the common myths regarding the work of a domina will be replaced by realistic assesments. Generally the theory of „learning by doing“ is not opposed, as long as all participants proceed with empathy and self reflection. We help you to obtain this mindfulness and a healthy self-assessment, as well as recognising the needs and wishes of the client.

It’s all about crafting one’s skills in theory and practice. Of course, one cannot strive for perfect training in just three days; however we can provide a professional basic understanding on an anatomical, technical, psycho-social and legal basis.

An important piece at the end of the workshop is sussing out your first personal profile as a domina. What skills can you offer? What is your dominant personality like?

The diversity of the industry is also apparent in the 3 lecturers; they all have very different skillsets and bring exactly this variety to the workshop. The lecturers‘ teachings come directly from personal practical experience. They want to give you the courage to try new things, and guide you in your first independent steps.


Course content:

Friday from 13:00 til 20:00


What is BDSM?
Varieties of Dominas
Various fields of practice: Domina, Bizarrlady, Passive, Slave, Switch, Active/Passive playmate, Maid, Fetish lady
Job profile (Review of personal results d. Information evening) (what does the ‚d.‘ mean?)
Technical vocabulary as it pertains to BDSM

S&M as a service:

Client desires, imagination and reality
Keeping a professional distance
How do I design a session?
Rollplaying: (examples and practice)
Maskplay und breath control
Doctorplay –> Notice: no clinical training
Interrogation games and prison scenarios
Immobilization : ‚To be at her mercy‘
Dominant Massage
Erotica and S&M? Contrasts and comparisons.


What should a domina know? Basic knowledge

Saturday, 11:00 – 19:00

Health and Safety:

Risks and Dangers, Liability
Safe session preparation
Psychological hygiene

Medical play

Restraints, part 1
Knotwork and cabling, standard knotwork, bondage
Conflicting discussion (pros & cons?)
Hand spanking, floggers, flaggelation and caning with play instructions
CBT (Cock and ball torture)
Nipple play
Anal games, fisting
Loss of control, unusual games, overstepping boundaries

S&M as a service:

Preliminary meeting with practical exercise
Sensual session preparation
The golden ticket : cum techniques with guaranteed success

Domina profile:

Sussing out the first personal aptitudes
What’s my client like? First impressions (I think maybe this is off) Punktesammlung?

Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00 Uhr

S&M as a service:

Fetishes. What sorts are there? What’s behind them?
Feminisation and cross-dressing
Foot and stocking woship
Dirty Games und Dirty Talk
Dealing with difficult clients (dead fish)

Practical exercises:

Restraints, part 2
Creative bondage on the fly
Toys : fun demonstrations and testing


Common advertising opportunities for your specialties
Client profiles und advertising language
Advertising tips

Domina profile:

Ascertaining personal curiosity
Realistic brand evaluation

Everyday Tasks:

• Realistic representation of service perspectives
• What is the impact of investment?
• Timesinks: Marketing, Mails, Phone,…
• Insurance and taxes, how to make heads or tails of it.


• Where and how can one work as a domina in Berlin?
• Networking


This class is taught in English only!

Please bring writing supplies, there is no script, but taking notes is recommended

Suitable for:

Sex workers who wish to alter or expand their services
Other interested parties, who already have some private BDSM experiences



Velvet Steel

Classic dominance – working as a Domina since 2007, Germany wide with copious experience in various studios, as an escort as well as online. Trained advertising photographer, studied social work, worked for many years in integrative child and youth services. Experienced in both youth and adult further education.

Emma Steel

Performance artist and domina in Berlin, Hof Franken and Toronto. She is interested in communication sex parameters, that break conventional molds, in humour in sessions and how we can become closer to our own inner monsters while simultaneously remaining professional. In her diverse workshops she finds it important to make mistakes and ask stupid questions, thereby making communal learning possible.


Caritia is a British born , Berlin based dominant of Afro-Caribbean decent. Artist, feminist, sadist and activist, with 18+ years experience within bdsm. Caritia’s focus is on ritual, sensation/pain, shibari and delving into shadow aspects. With the belief that exploring all aspects of oneself, leads to more fun, laughter and creativity in play as well as life.


Freitag, 13:00 bis 20:00 Uhr


  • Was bedeutet eigentlich BDSM
  • Verschiedenartigkeit von Domina
  • verschiedene Arbeitsfelder: Domina, Bizarrlady, Passive, Sklavia, Switcherin, Aktiv/Passive Gespielin, Zofe, Fetischlady
  • Anforderungsprofil (Rückblick persönl. Ergebnisse d. Infoabends)
  • Fachvokabular der Branche und aus dem SM

SM als Dienstleistung:

  • Kundenwünsche, Kopfkino und Realität
  • professionelle Distanz
  • Wie baue ich eine Session auf?
  • Rollenspiele: (Beispiele und Übungen)
  • Maskenplay und Atemreduktion
  • Petplay
  • Doktorspiele –> Hinweis: keine Klinkausbildung
  • Verhörspiele und Knastszenarien
  • Immobilisierungen „Ausgeliefert sein“
  • dominante Massage
  • Erotik und SM? Gegensatz oder Gemeinsamkeit?


  • Was sollte eine Domina können? Grundwissen

Samstag, 11:00 – 19:00 Uhr

Gesundheit und Sicherheit:

  • Risiken und Gefahren, Haftung
    Sicherer Sessionaufbau
    Psycho Hygiene


  • Fesseln, Teil 1
    Knoten- und Seilkunde, Standardknoten, Festmachen
  • Schlagende Argumente
    Handspanking, Flogger, Flag und Rohrstock mit Spielanleitungen
  • CBT (Hoden- und Schwanz-Spiele)
  • Nippelplay
  • Analspiele, Fisting
  • Kontrollverlust, Spiel mit dem Unheimlichen, Grenzgänge

SM als Dienstleistung:

  • das Vorgespräch mit praktischer Übung
  • sinnvoller Sessionaufbau
  • der goldene Schuss – Wichstechniken mit „Erfolgsgarantie“


  • Herausarbeiten erster persönlicher Neigungen
  • wie sieht mein Kunde aus? Erste Punktesammlung

Sonntag, 11:00 – 17:00 Uhr

SM als Dienstleistung:

  • Fetische. Was verbirgt sich dahinter? Welche gibt es?
  • Feminisierung und DWT (Damenwäscheträger)
  • Fuß- und Strumpfverehrung
  • Cuckold
  • Dirty Games und Dirty Talking
  • Umgehen mit schwierigen Kunden (tote Fische)


  • Fesseln, Teil 2
  • Wiederholung
  • kreative und freie Fesselungen auf die Schnelle
  • Toys, Spielzeuge – lustvolle Vorführung mit Ausprobieren


  • übliche Werbemöglichkeiten für die Branche
  • Kundenprofil und Werbeansprache
  • Werbetipps


  • Herausarbeiten der persönlichen Neigungen
  • realistische Markteinschätzung


  • realistische Darstellung der Verdienstperspektiven
  • Was kommst an Investitionen auf mich zu?
  • Zeitdiebe: Marketing, Mails, Telefon,…
  • Versicherungen und Steuern, was kommt auf einen zu?


  • wo und wie kann man als Domina in Berlin arbeiten?
  • Networking


  • Schreibzeug

Geeignet für:

  • Sexarbeiter_innen, die ihren Service erweitern oder sich verändern wollen
  • sonstige Interessierte, die aber schon ein Paar bizarre oder SM-Erfahrungen im privaten Bereich gesammelt haben


Domme Course 26.-28.6.2020

650,00 700,00 

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