The topic of this workshop is the basic knowledge about body language.
It is an important knowledge to acquire especially for body workers, sex workers and all the ones who would like to dig deeper in the non-verbal communication and have more tools to express themselves and understand better others.

Bodies talk.
More than words, and with a deeper impact, even not consciously sometimes.
Bodies cannot lie, they speak a language that can reveal emotions and intentions.
Non-verbal communication can give us some important input about how to deal with people and how to understand ourselves and our behaviors more.
Did you ever notice the direction that others’ bodies have while you are having a discussion?
Did you ever took a look at your arm‘s position while someone is engaging in aggressive or invasive behavior toward you?
Are you aware of how other people can invade your private space with their bodies or objects?
What do you do when you want to comunicate that you are open minded and well disposed about someone else?
There are several things that we can be aware of when it is a matter of using the non-verbal communication and we will have a journey through different examples of body postures, gestures, breathing rhythm, but also different kind of interactions that may happen between us in daily life.
Movements of the hands, positions of the feet and arms but also facial expressions can help us to send the right messages and to read each other’s signals – also the position that we or others can take in the space has a meaning.

The workshop will have both a theoretical part and a practice one in which we will explore different cases and possibilities.

Bring along:
block notes and pen if you like to take notes.
Please feel free to dress up as you like.

Suitable for:
This workshop is suitable for everyone, no previous experience is needed.

Snacks and drinks are included in the price.

11 am – 6:30 pm

120,- €
100,- € for members of Hydra, BesD or any other sexwork activists

Madame X