Feminisation ONLINE Kurs

In my life as a Dominant Woman I have played with lots of different play partners.  Somehow most of my male partners have had some interest in feminisation often for very different reasons. For some it involves a bit of humiliation, for others it is about feeling beautiful.

Feminisation play raises questions like:

Is it possible to enjoy feminisation as a cis men while claiming you’re a feminist?

I am a huge manly man with lots of hair, how can I fit feminisation into my play without looking ridiculous?

Does it always have to involve a form of humiliation?

This evening we will discuss these questions and possible answers to them. The evening is suited for beginners and people with more experience are very welcome to take part in the discussion, too.

You are also very much welcome as a Top. Maybe your partner told you they are into this and would like to know more about it.

This workshop will be two hours and will be adapted to who is joining it. 

After registration and payment you will receive an email with the link to the Zoom Meeting (video conference) and an explanation of how it works. If you are joining as a couple you both need to purchase a ticket for the workshop.

The main language for the workshop will be English

It is possible to wear a mask during the conference if you do not want to be seen online with your face.