Find your Persona

We will discuss together the role of Persona as a form of self protection, self growth and its benefits in various scenarios. Through some exercises, games, as well as the option for costumes and makeup, you will develop one (or more) personas, diving deeply into discovering this new side of you. Working together with other participants you will have the opportunity to play in, and with, this role, finding authentic and unique new ways to express yourself.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to explore creating a mask that they can put on to enhance their BDSM play. Discover and experiment with creating a submissive or dominant persona for use in play, to explore deeper parts of yourself, or to simply step into the mindset of a whole new individual and leave behind expectations and shame attached to your everyday self.

Also useful for sex work professionals who want to find a firm sense of their alter ego to approach their clients.

No previous experience is necessary, though you are welcome to bring along a concept for a persona you’ve already experimented with to think about.


Please bring an open and playful mind.




Why have a persona? Discussion

Movement Exercises

Theoretical Persona Build

Practical Persona Build

Sharing / Co-working feedback


You are welcome to bring your own costume, wig or some form of make up that you would like to incorporate into your persona(s).