Caritia is a dominatrix, performance artist, coach and space holder.

Personally exploring for over 20 years, professionally working 17 plus years within the bdsm and kink world Caritia has a passionate connection to her work. Offering workshops since 2013, (encouraged by her time at Schwelle 7), which she gives in different spaces and forms globally. Her curiosity for self exploration and self reflection brought her to a place of understanding, that sharing knowledge gives rise to more knowledge from different perspectives. It’s a subtle way to learn that requires heightened listening skills.
She prefers a hands-on approach, to encourage those working with her to connect to their body (the physical), to empower them to open up emotionally and take a holistic approach to playful interaction. Starting at the now, letting go of what was, and not launching oneself into the future. Her key topics are consent, boundary setting and communication, with and through the body.
Exploring personal boundaries and the topics of consent are delicate subjects. Caritia’s aim is to provide a supportive safe(r) space, where everyone is encouraged to take joy from learning about themselves through others. Adapting resources from teachers such as Betty Marting (Wheel of Consent), Harry Faddis (Body Electric), Jack Morin (The Erotic Mind).
Caritia see herself as a guide, rather than, ‘your traditional stand in front of a whiteboard’ style teacher. Her key topics are consent, boundary setting and communication nourishing the body. To free up the mind and unlock emotions. Drawing inspiration from her love of rituals and intention writing.

Caritia is a Berlin based, British born queer womxn of colour whose creativity runs through connection to energies, ritual and bodies. She creates art and altered states through the body. Caritia’s consent based practice, arrives in the form of workshops, performative works, collective as well as individual rituals and tailor made sessions. Caritia aims to be label free, however when language matters she self identifies as a witch, alchemist, rope artist, activist and dominant.

+49 1627 156242

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