Emma works as a  performance artist, Pro Domme and  gestalt coach.

Workshops and classes about BDSM have been part of her life since starting her kink career almost twenty years ago.

They are about learning together, sharing experiences, reflecting and making personal issues something we can talk about, and they are about providing safety. In order to be able to pass boundaries!

The courses at LUX are a sweet way to pass on knowledge and discuss all these different approaches.

And she loves to keep learning herself, to be inspired and to structure her classes in a way that the wisdom of all participants is appreciated.

She likes small ever changing sharing circles, a lot of practical exercises and discussing all of that after play!

Emma is interested in communication experiments that cross conventional ways of doing BDSM, she values humor and is always looking for new ways to let her inner beast go and still remain professional. And authentic.

In her many workshops she wants mistakesand “stupid questions to be an integral part of the process – so learning together is possible!

Webseite: www.lady-emma-steel.com
Mail: lady_emma_steel@gmx.de
Tel: 0176 – 7857 1794

Courses with Emma Steel