Sex and Bodywork

“Know yourself” or at leas as much as possible about.

This is why I started practicing Shiatsu in 2000, to know more about my body and what was going on inside me.

This path led me to experiment more also about my sexuality, searching for new languages to express myself and to have more tools to communicate with others.

Touching, listening, breathing, observing, waiting….these are all important skills to learn also about sexuality and having a language to learn and read the signs in out body and in the other ones’ bodies is more than ever important if we want to experience an higher level of understanding.

Then Bondage arrived in my life and it was love at the first sight and the entrance door for the kinky world.

Now I mix BDSM and body language, Shiatsu and ropes to create a special alphabet for a new dialogue with our bodies and our partners.

I have been teaching this during the years in several workshops in the Xplore and Eurix festivals, at the Huren Congress and for private groups, and I feel every time the pleasure of giving out to my students something that they can bring home and use in their private life, together with a new awareness of themselves, their bodies and their partners, and how to approach some deeper level of communication and understanding.

Since 2018 I offer professional sessions at Lux and dedicated workshop of Kinky Shiatsu and Body Language.

I am also a Kinbaku live performer (Moscow Knot – Eurix – KitKat Club – Kinky Venus Berlin).




Tel: 0151-75963409

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