About Miss Lizz

I have been doing BDSM for over a decade. In this time I have learnt a lot by watching others play, looking at videos online, going to workshops and conferences and having lots of fun myself!

My interests lie in many different directions: bondage, impact play, feminisation, alternative relationships and also some things a bit more edgy like needles and play piercings.

During the last few years I have been teaching workshops and doing demos and shows at fetish and play parties on a variety of topics. I don’t think I should keep the knowledge I gathered over the years for myself. Knowledge is meant to be shared.

I love teaching and  witnessing other people learning. Sharing what I have been doing for years is so rewarding for me. I like to give my attention to the individuals in my lessons. This way I can give tips and tricks adapted to the level of those I am working with. Therefore no workshop will be exactly the same. 

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