The internet is a veritable font of information, testimonials, blogs, tutorials, porn, forums and chat rooms geared toward those interested in BDSM.
This can be a great source of inspiration! But it’s not enough.
When it comes to SM techniques, there’s a lot to be said for learning in person from experienced practitioners. The possibility to exchange questions and ideas, learn together with others and practice techniques firsthand imparts knowledge and confidence that simply can’t be acquired online.

When we established Studio LUX in 2015, it was clear to us that we’d offer BDSM-related courses and workshops. Our initial aim was to offer courses for sex-worker colleagues, as there are very few professional training workshops that teach the specialised skills many of us require.
It quickly became clear that our course program was garnering remarkable interest among private people. Now, the majority of our classes are open to all interested parties over the age of 18.

We receive a lot of positive feedback on the diverse mix of people who attend our workshops, which participants find particularly enriching. Sometimes it’s the “innocent” questions from beginners that inspire exciting debates and discussion amongst old hands. It’s not unusual for sex-work professionals to learn something new from experienced private players. And it’s often very interesting for those in the private BDSM sphere to get an insight into the working world of pro-dommes and professional submissives.

The goal of our course program is not only to introduce participants to practical techniques for safe and competent play, but also to offer a space for open exchange, questions and answers.

In our classes, you’re encouraged to explore your own potential, look at practical techniques first-hand and share perspectives on the particularities of private and professional BDSM sessions.
Whether you have a little previous experience or a lot is not important – what matters most is your openness to new people and to new ideas.