Studio LUX was established in 2015 by Johanna Weber, Lady Emma Steel and Lady Velvet Steel. From the outset, we opened the studio for workshops across a broad spectrum of BDSM-related themes. Although originally intended as a source of supplementary training for colleagues, the ever-increasing interest from private people soon led us to make our courses available to all interested people over the age of 18.

Over many years of professional experience in other domina studios –where knowledge was sometimes shared and sometimes withheld– we felt it important to base our studio ethos on a culture of collective knowledge-sharing and learning. We’re of the opinion that safe, rewarding work & play demands professional expertise that should be shared rather than jealously guarded.

Sex workers and experienced private players have invaluable knowledge and skills to share. Even those completely new to BDSM bring life experience and unexpected questions that enrich the learning atmosphere. We’re convinced that this synergy leads to a genuinely satisfying learning experience in our workshops and seminars. And it’s always a lot of fun.
We believe that an open, interactive atmosphere where mistakes are allowed creates trust and turns a workshop into a special shared experience.
The basis for our courses is simple: an openness to sexuality that deviates from the norm, in oneself and others.

Our seminars are led in German, English or bilingually, depending on the course instructor.
Courses are run by we three studio owners and a select group of skilled instructors. We take genuine enjoyment in sharing our knowledge and experience with you!
All instructors have many years of experience with SM / sex techniques and course leadership