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We are pleased to have experienced and competent workshop instructors for our course program. Our instructors come directly from the field and know how to convey their knowledge in an understandable, empathetic and entertaining way. Get to know our instructors here:

Velvet Steel

BDSM offers wonderful opportunities to deal with yourself, your desires and needs. The practices provide a portal for exciting adventures far from everyday life.

Good, solid basic techniques are a prerequisite for safe play. Knowledge & skills about dealing with risks, but also about the many possibilities and variations help to make one’s practice successful. These main elements can be found in my workshops.

I give BDSM workshops since 2014 in a variety of contexts, but preferably in the course center LUX.

Ron Hades

Bondage is the natural highlight of his path, because it allowed him to channel and combine his sexual energy, spiritual talent, aesthetic vision and dominant personality into a form of art, meditation, power.

During his workshops he leads people into a safe space where there are no over structures, no categories, no names, so that everyone* can follow the path the way to personal unfoldment.

Ron gives different types of workshops since 2018: bondage meditation, bondage for sex workers, for couples, for beginners and intermediate level.

Miss Lizz

I have been doing BDSM for over a decade. In this time I have learnt a lot by watching others play, looking at videos online, going to workshops and conferences and having lots of fun myself!

My interests lie in many different directions: bondage, impact play, feminisation, alternative relationships and also some things a bit more edgy like needles and play piercings.

During the last few years I have been teaching workshops and doing demos and shows at fetish and play parties on a variety of topics. I don’t think I should keep the knowledge I gathered over the years for myself. Knowledge is meant to be shared.

I love teaching and witnessing other people learning. Sharing what I have been doing for years is so rewarding for me. I like to give my attention to the individuals in my lessons. This way I can give tips and tricks adapted to the level of those I am working with. Therefore no workshop will be exactly the same.


Lady Giorgina

Lady Giorgina has been in BDSM since her youth. Curious and open-minded, she has tried lots of things until she found her personal passions and perversions and finally made dominance her profession a few years ago.

“The playground of BDSM is infinite” is one of her guiding principles. BDSM never stops being exciting, there are always new fantasies to discover, ideas to implement and new things to learn. This diversity, variety and intensity still excites her after all these years.

Learning by doing – that’s what Lady Giorgina’s workshops are all about. Having discovered many things herself through constant trial and error, she knows how valuable it is to have a place where we can discover new passions and try them out without any worries. In doing so, she is exceptionally good at creating a safe environment for all escapades with unobtrusive attention. She is honest with her own experiences and open to those of others, because true in this sense is everything that pleases yourself….

Sharing knowledge and making it accessible, learning from each other and with each other so that we get to know techniques that increase our enthusiasm in perverse pleasure – that’s what Lady Giorgina is all about in her seminars.

Ruby Rebelde

Ruby Rebelde

BDSM is for me a process that always continues and is far from over.
It is a journey to ever new, exciting practices with ever new, exciting people.
But BDSM can also be challenging, requires knowledge, sensitivity and awareness of boundaries. These skills, I am sure, can be learned and improved. Pleasure increases the more sophistication and expertise are present. Educating yourself in the field of BDSM is worthwhile for everyone.

As a coach and course instructor I have been teaching BDSM content to participants since 2017, before that I taught and advised on other topics for a long time.

Lila Biene

BDSM and sensuality are fascinating ways in which to delve deeper into the different parts of ourselves, allowing for the deepening of pleasure, play, intimacy with partners and even psychological processing for personal growth. With such a diverse range of experiences available, Lila understands the importance of being able to try out, to succeed and fail at new things in order to know better where your own interests, fantasies, and boundaries lie.

After over a decade of having explored her own sexuality and personal connection to BDSM and kink, she began working as a professional Domme, after moving to Berlin. She has also trained in Tantra massage, and has worked for some years as an erotic masseuse.

With an academic background in performance and education, as well as a personal passion for human psychology, she began providing workshops in the field of sensuality and BDSM. Her aim is to provide others with experiences and knowledge as catalysts for your own self discoveries, while providing a non judgmental, safer space in which to open up.

Annabel Schöngott

I love to release my naughty perverted demons and that’s why I love BDSM. Bizarre and dirty games have done it to me especially. Dirty talk is a wonderful way to create trust, motivate, stimulate the imagination and bring lust to the boil.

Before I came to sex work, I coached executives, was privately interested in Tantra and attended workshops. A few years later I ventured into self-employment with erotic massage. I became more and more curious about BDSM and a few advanced trainings later I found my bizarre passion. My course in sex education currently ensures that I do not get bored.

Saga Moros

I am kinkster and fetishist from Iceland that loves teaching and showing other people the wonders of human anatomy in relation to sex, sexual play and BDSM.

I have been into bdsm and sensual play for 17 years and have devoted myself to learning how to sensually and sexually please people through different mediums and techniques.

Selina Morgan

Throughout the years of working as a pro domme I have gathered very diverse experience not only in playing, but also in teaching. This includes giving online workshops, one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and mentoring. My approach to teaching is “keep it light-hearted and fun”. It is called “playing” for a reason, so even learning about safety and correct techniques should bring joy and excitement.

This approach is also very well compatible with neurodiversity, which makes my classes more inclusive. Having to learn a lot at the beginning of my career, I know exactly how it feels to be in the beginner’s shoes and how easily overwhelmed with new information one can get. I make sure that everything I teach is easy to follow and compatible with common sense, which helps to apply that knowledge effortlessly without second-guessing it too much. I encourage curiosity and questions and try to accommodate everyone’s experience level: one can never stop learning.

Tamara Solidor

For me, sexuality is in many ways an act of liberation. It doesn’t matter what practices are used – whether tender touching or BDSM, bizarre games or other preferences. In my workshops, I am focused on imparting exactly the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be able to safely and confidently turn one’s own fantasies and desires into reality. Because good sex has nothing to do with chance! With humor and a focus on practical, real-life and implementable tips, I am happy to share my knowledge with people of all genders, relationship constellations and professions.

Ms. Pepper

Human bodies with all their physical and mental sensations are pure beauty for Ms. Pepper. When play partners trustingly surrender to being touched at their most intimate parts, erotic magic happens. She is on a mission to make sex comprehensible beyond the heteronormative penetrative sexual intercourse and promotes the shame-free exploration of one’s own desire.
As a workshop leader, Ms. Pepper combines technical knowledge, practical experience and emotional sensitivity.

Violet Beau

I have been exploring the playground of BDSM in depth since 2019. I love to see what I can learn about myself and others through this topic. It is endlessly interesting to me. I enjoy discovering new sides of my body and mind and finding new aspects of play.

I particularly love facilitating workshops as a way to teach and deepen people’s understanding of topics around relationships and sex. I adore running workshops and get energy seeing people interact with each other and reach within themselves.

I am interested in how we communicate our needs and desires with others in all sorts of ways. I am trained in effective consent practices and belong to consent and accountability working groups.

Bellatrix de Vil

Bellatrix de Vil is a real sex expert. Thanks to her many years of experience as a dominatrix and her master’s studies in sexology, she knows everything there is to know about sex and sexuality.
She is particularly interested in the topics of BDSM, sexual fantasies and communication. In her workshops, she shares practical knowledge in combination with approaches from sex therapy and sex counselling. In this way, she not only provides sexual education, but also offers counselling discussions and practical exercises for self-reflection.
In the workshops, you not only learn a lot about sex and sexual fantasies, but also primarily about yourself.

Studio LUX

Studio LUX was founded in 2015. From the beginning, the idea of a space for further education and mutual learning, research and growth was an essential part of the vision. Even before moving into the official studio space, we were running domino courses. With the opening of the first location in 2015 in the Remise in Ringbahnstr. the courses became a permanent feature. Our 3 rooms quickly became too small for them.

In 2018, we expanded our operations to include the Kurzentrum on Tempelhofer Damm. In the historic corner building, there is room for a comprehensive course program in the spacious course room. The equipment, which is due to the professional operation allows for practice-oriented teaching and learning.

More information about Studio LUX is available here:

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