The term coaching can be understood in very different ways. Coaching is in itself practical guidance through a process of self-investigation and discovery. Good coaching supports you in developing your own individual solutions.
When it comes to sexuality and erotic, the field fans out significantly.
Desire is something that many still find difficult to discuss. In our supposedly open society there is a lot of talk about sex, but almost never about one’s own sexual needs, fears or difficulties. Many people have never learned how to concretely name their desires, let alone live them out!

A coaching appointment can take different forms, depending on the individual.
For some, just talking to another person about ones own desire is liberating. It can be particularly liberating to talk with a supportive ‘stranger’, in an environment free of taboo.
Others might want to discuss a particular question with an unprejudiced expert, or are looking for personal guidance in learning or experiencing something new in an erotic context.
Others may wish to work on a very specific sexual topic and would feel in better hands with an experienced sex worker than with a therapist.
It can be easier for couples to talk about their shared sexuality and their individual desires if this takes place in the presence of a third person.
Still others find it simply exciting to spend an evening with a sex worker and soak up the information or just enjoy an interesting encounter.
Just as varied as the reasons for seeking coaching, are the coaches we list below.