BDSM Workshops

Learning from professionals

Our offer is as multifaceted as it is versatile. Here you will find an overview of the different formats and the individual courses & events. An overview of all dates and ticket booking is available here: Dates.

Weekend courses

The weekend BDSM workshops are our most intensive offer. On 2 or 3 days we impart a concentrated load of knowledge and practice. Here you will find compactly what you need for an intensive thematic occupation.

dominatrix workshop

Pro SM 1

Getting started in professional SM is not necessarily intuitive. Colleagues and those who want to become one will find the basic information for a successful start into the BDSM career here. This course is aimed at (aspiring) professionals who want to work as dominatrixes, bizarre ladies, masters, dominus, switches, subs and the like. Some know it as a domina course.

Part 1 offers the absolute basis. If you have little to no sex work or BDSM experience, then this is the right course for you. You will learn the legal basics of working in Germany, BDSM basics, session structure, client conversations and develop your first profile. After the intensive weekend you will be able to take your first professional steps, have already practised and have a pretty good idea in which direction you will continue your education. You will have a solid knowledge of client needs and be able to hold your first, simple sessions.

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dominatrix workshop

Pro SM 2

Part 2 of the SM Profi training is aimed at graduates of Profi SM 1 and experienced colleagues. We build on Part 1 and continue to develop. In addition to space for sharing experiences, there are advanced technique units, dealing with difficult clients and advanced BDSM techniques. We discuss marketing strategies, dealing with typical pitfalls with clients, legal liabilities, and a feasible work-life balance.

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Evening Class

Needle Play

Needle Play

You have seen the nice pictures of decorative needles and want to be able to do it yourself? You like to poke other people and want to learn to really put something through their skin? You’re intrigued by needles? You like to play with blood? Then this is the workshop for you.

In this workshop I will teach you how and where you can safely pierce the body. I will talk about how the body works, how you handle the needles and make a safe working environment.

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Creative Bondage - Couples

Creative Bondage – Couples

In this workshop I will teach how you can get into ropes with one basic knot and some frictions. It’s about being creative and playing together.

I have noticed that for a lot of beginning rope enthusiasts the awesome and elaborate pictures of Shibari style bondage can be very intimidating. I have seen people tying each other where the connection was lost because they were focussed on doing it ‘right’.
But doing bondage is about connecting with your partner, being in the moment, having fun. Playing with ropes should be the main goal when doing this.

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Tickel Eve

Tickel Evening

Like-minded or curious people come together at LUX to indulge their shared passion for tickling or being tickled. Besides skill sharing and getting to know each other, the focus today is on having fun.
After a short briefing and getting to know each other, the focus today is on the practice of tickling. In Mix & Match there is the possibility to gain tickling experiences with different people.

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Day courses

BDSM Beginner

In this English language workshop you will be able to dive into the multifaceted subject of BDSM as a beginner!

During the full day workshop Miss Lizz and Master Timotheus will take you through this wonderful new world with lectures, discussions, exercises and hands-on experience to guide you deeper into the subject.

You will gain basic knowledge on how to play safely, learn about different dynamics/roles, explore your interest and even get some practical handling of kinky equipment!

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