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Our offer is as multifaceted as it is versatile. Here you will find an overview of the different formats and the individual courses & events. An overview of all dates and ticket booking is available here: Dates.

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Weekend Workshops

The weekend BDSM workshops are our most intensive offer. On 2 or 3 days we impart a concentrated load of knowledge and practice. Here you will find compactly what you need for an intensive thematic occupation.

dominatrix workshop

Pro SM

Getting started in professional SM is not necessarily intuitive. Colleagues and those who want to become one will find the basic information for a successful start into the BDSM career here. This course is aimed at (aspiring) professionals who want to work as dominatrixes, bizarre ladies, masters, dominus, switches, subs and the like. Some know it as a domina course.

Part 1 offers the absolute basis. If you have little to no sex work or BDSM experience, then this is the right course for you. You will learn the legal basics of working in Germany, BDSM basics, session structure, client conversations and develop your first profile. After the intensive weekend you will be able to take your first professional steps, have already practised and have a pretty good idea in which direction you will continue your education. You will have a solid knowledge of client needs and be able to hold your first, simple sessions.

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Shibari Master Class

Join us on an intensive journey into the art of Shibari. Explore the intricacies of sensual and meditative bondage, accompanied by Ron’s unique blend of expertise and sadistic nature. This Master Class goes beyond the traditional limits of Shibari and focuses on diversity and adaptation to accommodate people of all genders, body types and abilities.

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Our workshop series build on each other – so you can expand your expertise, knowledge and practice one after the other. Of course, you can also join at any time – as long as you meet the relevant requirements. Here you will find bundled knowledge and great course content that will accompany you over a period of time.

Sex Education

The sex education most of us got in our teenage years was focused on two things. The biological functions of our genitals and the risks associated with having sex, such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Of course, this is very important information to have before becoming sexual active, but it is not sufficient. Learning how to pleasure ourselves and each other sexually is just as important.

Learning how to play with your own and other peoples genitalia is an important part of exploring sexual pleasure and experiences. How we learn to do so is often through experience. This can lead to some less than sexy encounters and experiences if you don’t know what you are doing. We want to help you to better understand your own and other people genitals in a sexual way. We want to help you have a better and healthier sex life where the focus is on exploring and meeting each other’s sexual needs.

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Bondage allows you to take full control and leave others with no escape. Whether as the center of the scene or in combination with sensual or sadistic play, bondage offers a variety of possibilities.

Bondage is about trust and human connection. Surrendering to the ropes can help to truly free your mind. To be tied in ropes is to let go and embrace vulnerability.

To tie others in ropes is to offer security and build intimacy.

This workshop series consists of 4 parts: Beginner 1 & 2, Intermediate 1 & 2. The individual workshops build on each other. You can join at any time, as long as you meet the requirements.

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Group Session

A classy evening in an atmospheric ambience – your session at the center of attention of those present, the gleam in the eyes of your top – that makes a group session as an experience something special.

On this evening there is a possibility for couples and play clusters to get together in the rooms of the LUX. Group staging, embarrassing performances, you can experience this and much more.

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BDSM Life Drawing

We are excited to open our doors to welcome your creativity and artistry at our BDSM Life Drawing! The life drawing scenes will be featuring our superb team of professional kinksters, dominant, submissive, and switch, set against the backdrop of the fantastic course room at studio LUX. This unique opportunity takes advantage of the impressive range of our BDSM tools, including a multitude of different toys and fetish gear and furniture which can be utilised in the scenes.

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Mythical Mingle: Gods Gone Wild

Step into a world where the divine meets the mortal, where myths come to life, and where the gods and goddesses themselves walk among us. Welcome to Mythical Mingle: Gods Gone Wild, an immersive and kinky role-play party inspired by the captivating mythology of Ancient Greece.

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To celebrate the end of the year we are inviting you to our biggest, longest, and kinkiest BDSM life drawing event ever: Join us for the BDSM Life Drawing XXL edition where BDSM stands for Badass art, Drinks, Sketch, and Mingle!

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Evening Class

Info Evening

Is working as a dominatrix, bizarre lady, dominus, switch, sub, etc. the right thing for me? We offer insights into the daily work, the studio and the possibilities to enter professional SM. You are allowed to ask all questions.

This course is for all curious & open-minded people.

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Needle Play

Needle Play

You have seen the nice pictures of decorative needles and want to be able to do it yourself? You like to poke other people and want to learn to really put something through their skin? You’re intrigued by needles? You like to play with blood? Then this is the workshop for you.

In this workshop I will teach you how and where you can safely pierce the body. I will talk about how the body works, how you handle the needles and make a safe working environment.

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Ichinawa – one rope play

Ichinawa, can be loosely translated from Japanese to one rope play.

Starting bondage can be very intimidating, the amount of ropes, techniques, knots and terms. Often it feels very overwhelming.

Ichinawa is a way to get away from all that. With the use of one rope, one knot and one friction the possibilities are endless.

It is about the connection between the rigger and model, it is about movement and restrictions, changing positions, waiting, seeing what happens, and reacting to your partner. Be creative, let the rope guide you.

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Sex-Ed Safer Sex

When you want to expand your knowledge on safer sex practices, then this is the course for you.

Safer sex is so much more than just using condoms. This course will focus on all aspects of safer sex, for all genders and sexual orientations.

This course will be focusing on teaching people how to practice safer sex, including topics as consent and how to openly talk about it with your partner(s) without any shame.

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Sex-Ed Cock & Balls

If you are a fan and a lover of cock and balls, are just curious about all the different ways to play with them or simply need to learn some basics in how to handle them you might benefit from taking this course.

This course will be focusing on teaching people how to pleasure and play with the cock and balls along with some basic information and of course demonstrations on various toys and techniques.

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Sex-Ed Vulva & Vagina

You are interested in knowing more about the vulva & vagina? More about the basics and want to know how to play and handle the vulva & vagina sexually? Either because you would like to know more about your own body or because your partner has a vulva & vagina? Then this is the course for you.

This course will be focusing on teaching people all the dos and don’ts in playing with and pleasuring the vulva & vagina, along with some basic information and of course demonstrations on various toys and techniques. It will be a hands-on workshop where you can practice right away!

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Sex-Ed Anal

Are you a seasoned enthusiast of anal play, eager to expand your knowledge, or perhaps a newcomer curious to explore this realm? Our Sex-Ed Anal course offers the perfect gateway to this intimate world.

Join us for a comprehensive journey into the art of anal play, designed for both beginners and those with a growing interest. This hands-on workshop is a safe space to explore, learn, and practice the nuances of anal pleasure.

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Sex-Ed Sensation & Pressurepoints

General sex-ed does not mention sensations as a part of sex yet we know how adding a simple blindfold or the right kind of music can add to sexual pleasure and help set the mood. In relation to BDSM using senses and sensations is an important way to create the right atmosphere and start to a good session. There is much to experience and learn through this subject in relation to pleasure and pain. In this course we aim to go deeper into what sensations and sensory play has to offer when it comes to general pleasure and sex.

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Sex-Ed Breast & Nipple

The breasts and nipples are very important erogenous zones and for the most part only get mentioned in general sex-ed in reference to pregnancy and child rearing. This leaves out very important information on how to pleasure yourself or others through the thousands of nerve endings that everyone has in their breasts and nipples. There are many ways to play with these areas of the body and we aim teach people the basics of playing with their own or other peoples breasts and nipples.

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Talk Dirty to Me

This workshop offers an exploration of sexual communication with adaptable activities designed for individuals and partners. Together we will create a safe and comfortable space in the beautiful Studio LUX’s bright Kurs room to build trust and celebrate personal boundaries. We will cover topics such as what to say, how to initiate and how to ask for what we want.

Participants do not need to be in a sexual relationship with their partners or group members as the event is about learning and trust-building. At my workshops this often results in a playful learning environment. The workshop is designed to let participants engage at their own comfort levels and experience level. It is ideal for those curious about enhancing their sexual communication skills, both with established partners and new connections in a supportive group space.

You will leave this workshop with a renewed reminder of the beauty and importance of intimate communication. You will have had a chance to reflect on this alone and with the group, learning from other people’s experiences and ideas. This workshop will leave you with useful tools and a renewed confidence to keep exploring this topic.

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What’s My Kink?

This workshop is suitable for everyone who is just beginning their BDSM journey, as well as for anyone with specific preferences seeking insight into other people’s kinks and fetishes. The workshop does not only consist of a theoretical part, elaborating on psychological and physiological aspects of different kinks, but also gives the participants an opportunity to explore various kinks and fetishes with a hands-on approach.

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Half day

Blood Play

Blood play in BDSM is considered edge play and has certain risks that all the participants should be informed about. Blood play can rarely be SSC (safe, sane, and consensual) and is mostly practiced as RACK (risk-aware consensual kink) or PRICK (personal responsibility, informed, consensual kink). The keywords are informed consent: with the help of this workshop, you will learn how to minimize your risks to fully indulge in the blood fetish.

This workshop will give you a unique opportunity to learn more about blood as fetish and blood play as kink. In this class you will learn about and get a chance to practice.

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Day courses

Dominant Massage

Lady Lila combines her skills as an erotic masseuse with those of being a Domina and has been offering Dominant Massage for those into teasing pleasure with a side of adrenaline. This kind of massage can be as relaxing and enjoyable, or intense as you wish to make it. We will begin by feeling into our own bodies, covering briefly what makes a good erotic massage and Dom/sub session, before we explore how adding different elements of BDSM to the mix can enhance pleasure, trust and closeness.

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Impact Play

Knowing how to use an impact tool before playing with someone is essential, so is engaging with the play partner and understanding their nonverbal feedback. Learn how to interact with your play partner in an authentic way to deepen your impact play scenes and let your personality shine.

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Practice Day

A day packed from top to bottom with practice – practicing, experimenting, learning, deepening.

We dedicate this day to “Best Practice” and then go directly into the practical implementation of different BDSM techniques.

On practice subs, under expert guidance, we can rehearse and try different practices that otherwise get short attention in the classes.

In addition to experienced practitioners, you will have the opportunity to work with practice subs who not only have personal experience, but are also good at giving feedback. A luxury you can’t afford in every session without interrupting the flow of the play.

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Creative BDSM : Home Edition

BDSM can surely be an expensive hobby. The toys, the outfits, the furniture, purchasing all of it adds up to a very substantial sum of money. You can endlessly invest into expanding your BDSM toy and gear collection, but you can do so even if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend too much on novelty gear. Also, what happens if you don’t have your expensive collection at hand? Or you are at the party and don’t have all the gears but want to play BDSM?

Selina and Ron will prove to you that BDSM can be spontaneous, creative, and cost-effective and still give you a full experience with typical household items and ordinary stuff that you carry with you or wear daily.

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Confident Dominance

One’s own dominance can present quite a few challenges: Stage fright before the session hitting the right tone, dealing with your own insecurities. In this course we explore our own dominance and practice attitude, appearance and communication.

This course is for beginners & people with some experience.

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Bondage Beginner

Beginner’s Course  is designed to teach the basics of shibari, understanding restriction from a passive perspective and the simple skills of the rigger to enable fantasies or create a meditative connection.

This course is suitable for absolute beginners.

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Shibari Harness

Do you already know basics, but you don’t know what to do with it? Or Ever found yourself struggling to recall the intricate patterns of shibari harnesses after attending workshops? Unravel the mystery and join us for a unique experience in our Shibari Harness Workshop.

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Rope Predicament Erotic

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of rope bondage, where sensuality meets intensity. Our “Rope Predicament Erotic” workshop offers a diverse exploration of techniques ranging from soft and meditative to downright erotic. Discover the artistry of teasing, denial play, and the intricate interplay of ropes in this immersive session designed for beginners.

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Suspension Beginner

Introduce yourself to the fascinating practice of suspension bondage. Suspension is one of the highlights of Shibari bondage and combines aesthetics and adrenaline in an unforgettable mix. Nevertheless, this art involves skilfulness since it may pose threats to safety. In this workshop, therefore, not only gives you the taste of the magic but also enables you to learn the important techniques that will keep you and your partner safe during playtime.

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Role Play

We will explore why Role Play is such a popular activity for so many, uncovering and unpicking some of the many different types of play that can be made, coming to a deeper understanding of the appeal that comes with escaping into other realities. Together we experiment with creating new personalities, gaining the tools to create exciting new adventures and bringing a new dimension of play to your sex or kink life. Whether for you it looks like a switch of authority, a switch of gender, or even a switch of species, there is something for everyone to delve into and discover.

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How to Sub: An Intro

The workshop delves into the intricate world of submission and how we all chose to relate to it. In the beautiful Studio LUX’s bright Kurs room we will settle into the topic through group discussion and self reflective topics.

We will cover topics such as types of submission, negotiating a scene, aftercare and much more. This day-long workshop is designed to move with your energy level, experience level and learning style. Participants do not need to be in a sexual relationship with their partners or group members as the event is about learning and trust-building. At my workshops this often results in a playful learning environment.

You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of what it means to submit. You will have an idea of your own relationship to this mindset. You will have had a chance to reflect on this alone and with the group, learning from other people’s experiences and ideas. This workshop will leave you with useful tools and a renewed confidence to keep exploring this topic.

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