Sex-Ed Sensation & Pressurepoints

General sex-ed does not mention sensations as a part of sex yet we know how adding a simple blindfold or the right kind of music can add to sexual pleasure and help set the mood. In relation to BDSM using senses and sensations is an important way to create the right atmosphere and start to a good session. There is much to experience and learn through this subject in relation to pleasure and pain. In this course we aim to go deeper into what sensations and sensory play has to offer when it comes to general pleasure and sex.


– What awaits the participants

We will teach the basics of Sensations and Sensors Play through lectures, talks and of course demonstrations.


– Target group

Any person who wants to learn the basics of how to play with sensations.


– Content sequence

  • Basics – Anatomy
  • Pleasureplay
    • Erogenous zones
    • Pressure points
    • Visual/Sound/Taste
    • Sensory deprivation
    • Suspension (BDSM leather ankle cuffs)
    • Electricity
    • Heat/Cold


– What to bring / prepare?

Pen and paper aren’t a requirement but recommended as we will be going over a lot of information in a very short time.

  • Covid: 3G+
  • Sprache: Englisch


28 Jul 2022


19:00 - 22:00




Evening Class,
Sex Ed


Saga Moros
Saga Moros
  • Covid: 3G+
  • Sprache: Englisch