Confident Dominance

Soon after you have discovered your lust for your own dominance you run into the first hurdles:

How do you actually take what you want, if you are constantly busy focusing on the sub?

Where to put your own insecurities and how to deal with self-doubt?

This is a workshop focusing on body language, voice and inner attitude. It is primarily aimed at people who have just recently discovered their own dominance or feel insecure about it. Previous experience is not necessary.

We get in touch with our desire to dominate and experience with giving direction. Loud. Quietly. Or even wordlessly.

How do some people manage to enter a room and all the subs present want to kneel down immediately?

What is power and why can the exercise of power be very beautiful?

On the basis of consent, we allow ourselves to explore our very own fantasies and practise executing them. We deal with scenarios like topping from the bottom, unruly subs and learn methods to design methods in such a way that all participants do not miss out without falling into purey providing a service ourselves. We explore roles and alteregos and give them substance. We learn about top-drop and self and after care.

In 4 different theory and practice sessions we learn a variety of methods to explore our inherent power and lure it to the surface to show to the outside world. We work with breathing, voice and posture. In interactive exercises we get to know our limits and meet our limitations.

There is space for sharing our own experiences and space for topics we have brought with us.

The workshop is open to people of all identities and passing.

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  • Covid: 3G+
  • Sprache: Englisch

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08 Sep 2024


11:00 - 6:30






Saga Moros
Saga Moros
  • Covid: 3G+
  • Sprache: Englisch