Needle Play

Needle Play

You have seen the nice pictures of decorative needles and want to be able to do it yourself? You like to poke other people and want to learn to really put something through their skin? You’re intrigued by needles? You like to play with blood? Then this is the workshop for you.

In this workshop I will teach you how and where you can safely pierce the body. I will talk about how the body works, how you handle the needles and make a safe working environment.

Next to this I will talk about how to incorporate needles (and piercings) into your play scene. It can definitely be a scene on its own, but it also can be much more fun if you add some other elements to it.

Caution! This is a hands on workshop – we will play with needles. We will excercise on ourselves, each other, or if you are in need of an excercise model, please get in touch with us in time, so we will organise one.

About the teacher

I have multiple piercings and tattoos myself, so for me it was only the natural course to start doing this for myself as well. Since I definitely can’t draw, I can’t go and tattoo people, so piercing them is all that’s left.

I have learned from different people how to use the needles, how to maintain a good workspace and with years of practice it has become one of my specialties. I definitely like to do bigger projects (see my pictures), but I also like it very much to create a whole scene around the use of needles (for example to use them in interrogation play).

I love teaching, seeing other people learning what I have been doing for years is so rewarding for me. I like to teach in smaller groups so I can give all the attention that I want to give. This way I can give individual tips and tricks adapted to the level of those I am working with.

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05 Apr 2024


19:00 - 22:00




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Miss Lizz
Miss Lizz
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  • Covid: 3G+
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