How to Sub: An Intro

Are you ready to take a journey of discovery into your submissive self? Join us for this Interactive and explorative day-long workshop where we will look inwards at our powerplaying tendencies.

This workshop is broken into the following topics:

  • -Setting the scene; what can subbing be?
  • -Boundaries; what do I want more of?
  • -Negotiating together; finding the sweet spot
  • -Aftercare; taking care and looking after each other

During this workshop we will use group discussion, paired activities and self reflection to look at all this topic has to offer. We will look at the types and styles of sub that we know about. From bratty and playful to devoted and loving. We will talk about the styles that we have experienced through our personal lives, through tv and media or through stories. As your facilitator I will use my own personal and professional experience of BDSM dynamics and relationships.

“In BDSM, there is liberation in surrender, empowerment in submission.” – Unknown

We will take time to map different types of boundaries we recognise and in what circumstances we might express them. Part of this mapping will include taking note of what situations we might find it more difficult to set or maintain boundaries. From there we transition into negotiations using easy but practical exercises within the group. You will leave this workshop with a clearer idea of your relationship to your submissive side and with tools that will help you express yourself.

Is this workshop for me?
If you are newly exploring your relationship to your submissive side, this workshop is perfect to help you understand and consider the basics. Equally, experienced subs can use this as a space to reflect on what elements of submission you have explored and wish to explore more of. As an experienced or beginner Dom this workshop will also provide valuable insights into navigating power play in a fun and safe way.
Attending this workshop with your play partner(s) or a friend could support you in applying the workshop content directly to your existing BDSM practice. Attending alone can be an opportunity to give yourself this focused time to reflect and design the possible next steps in your submissive journey.

What to bring?
Bring your journal or notebook to take notes on your preferences and learnings throughout the workshop. To prepare for the workshop you might consider creating a mind map or some initial notes on your relationship to submission, your experiences and what you wish to get out of the workshop. Please bring anything that might increase your comfort over these hours: comfy socks, your plushie or your favourite tea. We will provide basic snacks and drinks for the workshop.

  • Covid: 3G+
  • Sprache: Englisch


19 Mai 2024


11:00 - 18:30






Violet Beau
Violet Beau
  • Covid: 3G+
  • Sprache: Englisch