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Dominant Massage

Lady Lila combines her skills as an erotic masseuse with those of being a dominatrix and has been offering Dominant Massage for those into teasing pleasure with a side of adrenaline. This kind of massage can be as relaxing and enjoyable, or intense as you wish to make it. We will begin by feeling into our own bodies, covering briefly what makes a good erotic massage and Dom/sub session, before we explore how adding different elements of BDSM to the mix can enhance pleasure, trust and closeness.


The main demonstrations and practical sessions are broken down into three parts.

1 – Body explores the different types of touch and sensation we can give and receive using our body parts from head to toes.

2 – Vocal goes into more of the mental elements of how we can Dominate using only our words and voices.

3 – Toys and tools covers the different types of items that can be used to create different physical sensations – we will have many different types of soft, stingy, hard, spiky, thuddy tools to choose from at LUX, as well as exploring what you can find in your own homes that can be utilized for naughty games.


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for those who love to give and/or receive massage, revel in the delight of sensual experiences and want to find a new way to excite their sexual partners.

Couples/lovers/friends are warmly welcomed. If you are coming to this event on your own please be aware there will be a lot of hands-on practical exploration, ideally you are happy to pair up with another individual to fully appreciate the learnings.

Please bring an open and playful mind. We will have toys and tools to play with at our disposal but feel free to bring anything you may frequently use from home that you would like to incorporate into the practice.

You don’t need to own lots of toys to pick up new skills and ideas, we will explore the many types of things you can do already with just your body or even some household items…


Contents :


BDSM Safety/Basics

Body Focus & Breathing Exercises


Techniques & Practical Exploration

  1. Body
  2. Vocal
  3. Toys & Tools