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Group Session

Shared suffering is double the joy

A classy evening in an atmospheric ambience – your session at the center of attention of those present, the gleam in the eyes of your top – that makes a group session as an experience something special.

On this evening there is a possibility for couples and play clusters to get together in the rooms of the LUX. Group staging, embarrassing performances, you can experience this and much more.

We open our rooms for you and your playing partners and at this event: colleagues from other studios are also welcome.

Our hosts will design the framework of the evening and possibly also enable one or the other special request. Possible, for example, a sub-parade, a court session, inspections and much more.

Participation is limited to couples and play clusters, unfortunately individuals cannot participate.
You are sure to find a suitable companion in the LUX team: look here for LUX Team

Refreshments will be provided.

Suitable for:

Private couples & game clusters
Subs & their Studio Tops
People who appreciate demonstrations

Entry will be strictly between 19 And 19:30. Possibilities for changing & showering are given.
At 7:30 p.m. there will be a welcome round and an introduction to the use of the room. Standard toys and hygiene material is available, on request special play equipment (e.g. Venus, Erostek, Bodybags) can be used for a small fee. The play evening lasts until at least 11 pm.