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Ichinawa – one rope play

Ichinawa, also known as one rope play. This workshop is based on 3 elements, rigger, model and 1 rope. We go away from fancy techniques and beautiful symmetry. We focus on intimacy, connection, being in your body, out of your head and being creative.

It is about the connection between the rigger and model, it is about movement and restrictions, changing positions, waiting, seeing what happens, and reacting to your partner. Be creative and let the rope guide you.

One rope play is far from boring, come to this workshop and you will learn all the possibilities.


◦ What awaits the participants

We start with the basics, single column tie, rope tension and frictions. After that we will get into multiple exercises where we will focus on connection, capturing your partner, being precise with your rope and much more.


◦ Target group

Beginners and advanced rope enthusiasts.


◦ What to bring / prepare?

If you have rope yourself, please bring it with you. I would suggest any natural rope like hemp or jute (or the synthetic variant like spleitex). I will have rope as well if you do not have your own. There will be no nudity, please wear something comfortable. There will be mats to practice on, you can bring your own if you want to. An extra blanket can be nice to bring.