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Practice Day

A day packed from top to bottom with practice – practicing, experimenting, learning, deepening.

We dedicate this day to “Best Practice” and then go directly into the practical implementation of different BDSM techniques.

On practice subs, under expert guidance, we can rehearse and try different practices that otherwise get short attention in the classes.

Techniques that we have developed theoretically, we can put into practice. The book with the interesting play instructions from the other day is just as good an inspiration as the latest porn or the workshop we attended. Does it work the way we think it will? How do I best go about eliciting the exact reaction, do I prefer to touch here, or the other way around?

In addition to experienced practitioners, you will have the opportunity to work with practice subs who not only have personal experience, but are also good at giving feedback. A luxury you can’t afford in every session without interrupting the flow of the play.

The practical workshop is made for BDSM practitioner who want to

Expand their own experience
practice new techniques safely
improve their skills
surprise their playing partners with new experiences
know exactly what they want to release and explore that exactly
discovered great techniques at workshops
Continue to practice even without your own partner

We will start the day with a briefing on safe play and hygienic working, sharing “best practices” from pro SM and a collection of topics for you to bring in your issues. Then it also goes directly into practice. Depending on your level of knowledge, workshops or practice stations will then form where you can have your actions professionally guided. We will adjust the pace and techniques to your individual level.
We may even have a lot of fun doing it!

Possible topics are:
Advanced impact play, dilators, needle play, mind games, edge play, breath play, specific bondage, prostate massage, pre-session talk, session plan, suspense, trigger points, and any other topic you want to practice on.

Who can participate?
You have already gained some experience in BDSM, attended workshops or participated in events and now want to try out your newly learned skills in practice.
(Aspiring) professionals or experienced SMers with a desire for more in-depth technical skills are also welcome.

What do you bring:
An outfit of your choice (relaxed workout clothes are just as good as the PVC & leather outfit)
Your theme or themes
Discretion and openness – it will be practically practiced and in some circumstances also explicitly. You only do what suits you.
Bring something to write.