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What’s My Kink?

Each kink or fetish has its own unique side. At the beginning of your BDSM journey you might feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. You are maybe catching yourself wondering, what do I like? And what should I even be choosing from? What fits me and my sexual preferences? Even if you are in touch with your sexuality and regardless of whether you consider yourself sex-positive or not, the kinky multiverse might be challenging to navigate.

This workshop is suitable for everyone who is just beginning their BDSM journey, as well as for anyone with specific preferences seeking insight into other people’s kinks and fetishes. The workshop does not only consist of a theoretical part, elaborating on psychological and physiological aspects of different kinks, but also gives the participants an opportunity to explore various kinks and fetishes with a hands-on approach.

During the workshop we’ll explore a variety of different materials and sensations to get a better idea what you might be into. Some might prefer gentle sensations, while the others prefer more intense sensations. What tools can you try to see which sensations you might like? What toys would be a good fit for the sensation you’re seeking? And what lies behind the fascination with leather, latex, or nylon? Do you have a fetish you’ve never thought you do? Understanding the deeper levels of each kink and fetish will not only help you navigate your own journey but also help you to better understand your partner’s desires.

The well-equipped BDSM studio LUX will provide everything you might need for your self-exploration journey.

You will learn:

  • -The significance of different materials and why and how they are used for fetish play
  • -How to match sensations you’re seeking to various kinks and kinky activities
  • -The psychological and physiological aspects of each kink and fetish
  • -Ways to explore your curiosity without making significant financial investments

What to bring:
Your curiosity and openness, a notebook, and pens.