In my Room – Vernissage

Art & sex work are historically closely connected. In the tradition of the frivolous brothels of past centuries, we open our spaces to a synergy of art and culture.

Studio LUX opens its doors again for another exhibition.

In My Room

20. August 2022

We are interested in the metaphorical significance of spaces, in the tension between the inner and the outer, the conscious and the unconscious.
How can mental and physical states of mind be expressed symbolically?
And how much of the invisible can the obvious point to.

DJ Set

Suit Kei / Witches are back

Suit Kei is founder of the crew Drastic Beat, old landmark of Italian underground, and of Witches Are Back, an international transfeminist collective producing art events, also running a music label and a radio broadcast. She brings across Europe an eclectic music style rich in influences, built up on a solid techno frame that plays with electro and breakbeat, a perversion for 80’s sounds, a taste for psychedelic grooves and a manic obsession to harmonic and rhythmic fusions.
Imprinted by the underground gothic and the European illegal techno party scene of the 90’s, DJ since 2001, she produced, organized and played in lots of events that left a mark on the Italian scene, and not only, playing in many and diverse locations, from big squats to historic clubs. She performed in many cities, clubs and festivals, with relevant names of the international electronic music scene, in Italy and also Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Holland.
In 2013 frequent gigs in Berlin took her to Germany, where she has found a fertile ground for her music, with new projects and gigs.
Recently she focuses her attention on the growth of the Witches Are Back project.


We show works by:



Paulius Sliaupa / Visual Artist

1.Selfie Ballet 5:40
2.Moonstreet 4:35


Khireddine Khaldoun /Conceptual Artist

1.Encyclia 4:33



Marina Smorodinova / Contemporary Artist

1.Communal 14:53


Johannes Christopher Gerard / Visual Artist

1.DARK 2:38
2.Sky Above 4:54


Daniela Lucato / Filmmaker

1.SMOKE 1:33@daniela.lucato

Madelief Lammers / Filmmaker

1. Open Spaces 10:13





Mary Jo Fakitsa

Gedichteband / Nirwanakind

Zum Buch




Claudia Otto /Musician & Photographer



Andreas Maria Kahn / Artist & Photographer


Lilith Terra / Photographer


Johnny Welch /photographic artist and filmmaker



Natalie Huth /Visual Artist




Pedda Borowski / Dipl.Des. /Artist/Performance/Shiatsu-Praktiker



Bia Vinzon / Performance Artist







Yel.Beaufort & Mr.Ithaqa



Ille Starlet / Performance Artist

Clown Metamorphosis



ENTRY: 6pm

Performance start 7pm

  • Sprache: Deutsch

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Presale € 25
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box office / Soliticket € 30,-
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20 Aug 2022


Lilith Terra


Lilith Terra

Other Organizers

Lady Velvet Steel
Lady Velvet Steel
  • Sprache: Deutsch
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